Co-Operational “Thinking”

Tuesday 15 December 2020
1800 — 1857 ———->2359 —> Wednesday 16 12 2020 ——>

The following is a response
to an unwarranted
derogatory “put-down”
message :-

Again, this
“thinking-way” or “way-of-thinking”
that you claim to
“more-truthfully & validly-than”
(“the lone Mr XYZ”)

mjust in all goodness & honesty
depend upon
what each participant ‘means’ by “thinking”
after considering
“what is officially and/or academicly meant by ‘thinking’“.

“viz” :-


(1)  More people than
the ‘then’ number of the wholeBritish population
“thought” the way that Hitler did’
How “right” did that make any of that
“majority-of-Germans”  ? 

(2)  Millions of pounds are still being spent
putting up roadside placards
 “A Million Monkeys Can’t Be Wrong”.

(3)  My “thinking” is in line with
those thousands of
professional life-experiential and research leaders
some of whose  affordable non-fiction publications
 I have been showing on those 3 e-sites.
Your “thinking” :
they are all “wrong” and “deluded” ?

(4) British Constitutional Democratic
dictates that a minority 
of Voters
can be
the Governing majority.

(5)  One of our UK Ministers of Health went around prisons
lecturing inmates to “stop offending by getting healthy”,
and at the final prison, himself collapsed dead at the lectern.
(6)  The world’s leading Jogger (USA athlete)
was making bumper-sales of Jogging DVDs – 
within mere weeks, he too dropped dead during a morning jog.
(7)  The UKs 1948
 “National Hospitals, Illnesses and Pharmacological Sector”
was “hard-sell-brazenly” called
“The National Health Service”;
despite the true-fact that
if you have “Health” you have no problem;
it is when you have “Illness” that you have a “problem” or an “issue”
and need  a
“Medical,.Hospitals and Pharmacology Sector & Service”.

Ask your GP to “support your holistic-health-building” 
and you’ll get offered a referral to either
PCC Adult Social Care & People Directive Departments
or the
NHS or PCC Older Peoples Mental Illnesses Treatment Service.

(8)  There is only one Christ Jesus,
accodng to your “way-of-thinking”
nobody else can “think” as “He” does
– [{i) because he is not only not in a ‘majority’,
(ii) is the only one “thinking that way”
and further
(iii) is therefore “deluded”.

(9)  There is a non-fictional good-mind-functioning guide
by British Medical world-leading brain & thinking expert Dr Edward de Bono –
I Am Right – You Are Wrong.
Have you even read the summaries on the outside back cover of such books ?

(10)  Millions of people “think” that “suicidal-bombing” is Right and Godly:
so does that “working-majority’ make that right ?
(11)  Britain is manufacturing
 and selling to other Countries e.g.Saudi Arabia,
£Billions-worth of Ammunition and Weapons-of-Mass Destruction.
How “right” does that make the British Government
and those millions of majority-people (like yourself-&-your-majority)
who voted for
and/or otherwise ‘support’
that ‘leading-governance-minority’ ?  

And you know very well that
that is certainly not “the end of it”.