“Next-Door-ing …”

The following response
has just been submitted
to the new “NextDoor” “movement” :-

I have been “reaching out” for “decades” –
but no “neighbour” has yet responded –
nor even “acknowledged” that “reach-out”:
please see http://lifefresh.net.

See also over 700 of my submissions
to the Westminster Upper House Members’
democraticly informal
two-way reach-out to the Public via
http://lordsoftheblog.net –
published ‘verbatim’ by them since May 2010..

Perhaps you are unawarely-‘trapped’
in flawed-&-concealed “algorithms” too –
“leading you up the garden path”
to somehow unawarely trying to
“re-invent the wheel” ?

[“Extinction-Rebellion” is making the same mistake].
With very best regards nonetheless,
John Miles;
“All-alone” in PL6 5LU; U.K.