Democracy’s Limits.

Before any-one can even
to be a part of a Governance-System
they need all the relevant information –
as well as
all the basic Knowledge, KnowHow, and ‘Rules’.

immediately ‘precipitates’ therefrom :-

“Since when
has any Democracy to date
achieved such Governance-Efficiency ;
and since not, why not ?”
The following communication has had to be made
with a British Constitutional organisation :-

Johnessdee Miles <>00:08 (11 hours ago)
to Sue

There comes a time in Personal and Humankind Affairs
when “non-negotiabilities” must either
“peacefully-&-sustainworthily-constructively co-exist”; 
“mutually-dissidently separate”;

Since the  RMAS has ‘de-facto’ ‘chosen’ to not-acknowledge
and to not make-appreciable-response to 
the three voluntarily-altruistic
and not-for-profit, power, prestige nor ‘pretence’
public e-sites;;;
that I lifeplace-‘democraticly’-occupationally-run, 
 as far as is possible-under-existing-law-&-exigency,
 need to “conditionally-withdraw”
 from ‘membership’ of any such

With best possible regards;
John Miles.  PL6 5LU; U.K.
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