More ‘Key’ Foundationing

Amanda Pasciucco
in her
‘life-leading’ 24-page
print-out-able pdf. book
“The Pleasure Practice”

also repeats that:

Before you can effectively form
a ‘relatioship’
with another person
or a group, community or organisation
of people,
you need to have ‘competently’ formed
a ‘relationship’
with your own
individual, personal and intimate Self.
“Self-&-Civilisationally Co-Sustainworthyingly”
begin ‘digesting’ and ‘co-practicing’
these 24 pages,
as well as other
shall we ?


as a lone-person
now have
some further knowledge & know-how
two different forms of
For the
[see Janet Goodrich’s
Natural Vision Improvement ]
For the
[See “Healthline” online via YouTube :-}
1. Make your environment ideal. 
Lock the doors, turn down the lights,
put on some music,
use an oil diffuser for atmosphere,
and so on.

2. Get in the physical mood. 
Close your eyes and start touching yourself
until your penis gets hard
or your vagina gets wet.

3. Start self-massaging.
 Stroke your genitals (penis or clitoris),
and/or whatever else you know
can make you orgasm.

4. When you feel like you’re about to orgasm,
stop stimulation. 
Take your hands away
or slow down your movements.
Take deep breaths
or open your eyes if you need.

5. Go back to focusing on
how or what got you excited. 
Take note of
your body changes:
Do you feel tenser?
More excited?
Sweating or shaking more?

6. Start touching yourself again,
or genital-massaging faster. 
After having a ‘break’ –
repeat steps 1–3 again.
Do this until you feel ready to orgasm.

7. Then
Let it go! 
Allow yourself to reach orgasm.
You might notice your orgasm lasts longer
or feels more intense.

Pay close attention to the feelings
and see if this kind of ‘edging’
made any difference in
how much ‘pleasure’ you feel.