Self-&-Co-Worthying …

There are several ways of “self-wellnessing” –
some good for “Lone’ usw –
many useful for equally=essential
“immediateco-worthying & longest-term sustain-worthy-ing”.

The lists of guidebooks hereunder is very plentiful and adeqaute –

as are also some of the “borderline-‘corrupt’ ones –

as we said,
“trawling” through some e-sites for such
should result in good new results
for your “more-sustainworthy-lifespan”.

Two such “self-&-co strengtheners can be found under
PornHub sub-titled
“The Most Comfortable Massage
between a husband and wife – 30 minutes 18 seconds.”.
PornHub community

Liana Good
“Ban on orgasm” (*)
“Your Cock will stand Even Harder –
Watch and repeat After Me”
15 minutes 38 seconds. (*)


The Big Health & Survival Point here is
“Orgasm largely includes “Ejaculation”
which in turn can become a dominant
“vital-human-energy” waster.
which we do not need to be
‘majoring’ in.