“My Prayer…” -“Let It Be”…

In this
“Co-Sustain-Worthy-ing Self-&-Civilisation”
World –


is as good a basic-guideline as any –


Whilst playing the Microsift 2007 Games –
Freecell, Hearts, Solitaire
and Chess-Titans –
one can start all four of those
after starting one , doing it awhile-
but after a a minute or two –
or as soon as it looks or ‘feels’ as if it’s working out ok –
taskbar it
and bring up a different one –
More ‘seriously’ –
whilst “trawling” through a Porn site for
“clean, supportive,
and truly-educationally life-helping
dvds –
one needs to likewise
not get
“carried out to sea risking being drowned” by
un-just ‘jerks'”

We take an offline sustainworthying refreshment-break –
0423 —-> 0427 ——>
Saturday 22 November 2020 ————————->