One’s Own Emotions …

Very seldomly,
one can find a whole-movie
or just a dvd clip online
that allows one the
“clear and clean”
to “engage-with” –

usually also to seem to be having to
“strive-against” –

one’s own
e-motions –

“energies-in-motion” –
and movement-inclinations.
Self-discipline yourself to ‘visit’ the following
by strictly not wandering off
into the same-page truly-hard-porn junk –

Promise me – Now !

or don’t go on.
“Slow Dance Naked”
“Nude Dance (Nice)
2 min Anhcokeomut.
(It can be played-back half-speed).

The real-life-merit of this ‘clip’ is that
It is not-sexual –
and really not very “gendersome” either –
but is certainly reasonably
“spontaneously- partnered
‘I-can-dance … look, we can, too !’
– innocently life-celebratory.
———————-> 1530 …1615 —>—————————
(R) SPELIOTIS Travel Channel ~ Naked Yoga

Please be respectful. for more info: … WHY NAKED YOGA? … Yoga & nakedness go well together. … It is recognized that yoga has varied benefits – Physical, mental and spiritual. . Yoga is about body awareness and body acceptance. All of that is enhanced when one is naked. … Yoga teaches acceptance of whatever our physical ability might be at the moment. Being naked in Yoga class teaches us acceptance of our bodies as they are. ~ each part of one’s body is equal to all the others, and those parts are all good. . If people do not hide their imperfections from each other, they find that, in accepting others, they accept themselves. … When it is understood in any particular environment that nakedness is not an invitation to sex, people who are naked together, who share their vulnerability, discover an unselfconscious connection, a relationship of enhanced spirituality that adds yet more meaning to the yogic experience. .. ESKEI

Age-restricted video (based on Community Guidelines)


(Takes a lot of actually boring – very tiring- searching – )

( …don’t “stay-tuned” … )