SustainWorthy-ing Needs

“A People-Reading-This”

what are our




Are-We-Fulfilling-Them ?

What is our
Commonly-Sustainworthy Purpose ?
and what our
Non-Fiction Sources
and both
Mind-&-Practical Guidances ?

On this
altruisticly not-for profit

there lies
open –
at an un-numbered page
‘Identifying Your Emotional Kryptonite’
of a 25 pages
very small book –

Why Self-Awareness Helps Cut Out The Noise
The Most Important Life-Skill You Can Have – Today.
by Sophia Hilly.
Its Contents
speak much clearer than that heading, ‘though :-

1 What Does It Mean To Have Self-Awareness?
2 Why Is It So Important To Build Self-ASwareness?
3 How Do You Develop A Strong Sense of Self-Awareness?
4 What Are The Characteristics Leaders With Self-Awareness Have?
5 What Are The Real Benefits of Self-Awareness?
6 How Do I Start To Improve My Level of Self-Awareness?

The Summary ends like this :-
[“] Self-Awareness
is simply the capacity to observe ourselves,
to take notice of and pay attention to patterfns within our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.

And it’s an [improvable-] skill that we all have.

Some of us may have more, or less, of it to start with;
there are plenty of straightforward exercises anyone can take advantage of to improve their own self-awareness
no matter where that self-awareness stands ‘right-now’.
Question-To-Take-Away-With-You …
should you so choose to accept it :-
“If there is
Readily-Accessible and All-Levels-Affordable
Public Generic Lifeplace-Educational Body
offering both
Computer and TV-Channeled
Skill-Building Demonstrations
Knowledge-&-KnowHow-Building Courses –
kindly let the rest-of-us People know
where it is
and maybe also include a word or two of
how-to-access it.

Thank You for Tuning-In –
So Far, So Good !


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