Our Need for “Total-Clarity”

Instances abound of our


so we ‘co-sustain-worthy-ing folk
have at hand a simple and ‘informal instance :-

A ‘couple’ –
visited the doctor-
to ask for help with their

The doctor prescribed a new
lengthily-worded aphrodisiac
already enjoying success and popularly known as
with the instruction
“Take one each just before a meal”.

Hardly an hour had passed before the couple were back at the doctor’s door,
‘hubby’ pounding on it with his fist.

The second the doctor opened the door ‘wifey’ cried
“You quack !” –

“Hold on” quickly said the doctor –

“That remedy -” ‘hubby’ said –

“What, already, it hasn’t worked ?”
the doctor concernedly asked.

“Oh it worked alright -“
sang ‘wifey’
“we each took the one tablet just as you instructed –
and almost straight away -“
(jerking a thumb towards ‘hubby’)
he had his trousers down, my skirt up –
and the both of us across the dinner table –
and boy!
what a great half-hour that was !!!”

“Well than -” laughed the doctor – “it did work then !”

“Yes-” ‘hubby’ moaned –
“- but we’ll never be allowed back in that restaurant “.