Trying to “Join-in-Together”

The following
has been sent to a few ‘acquaintances’
around the World :

The Big-Big 24/7/’Infinity’ Problem now
is that so many essential
have been and are being multi-corrupted.

So, for instance,
the Sunday Church collection
is ‘dominantly’ subservient to 
(1) Its own pay-&-perks-grades
(2)  The Great-Britain Nation-State    “ditto”
(3)  “Christendom’s” –  “ditto”
(4)  “All-the way-up-to-the-United-Nations-and beyond” –  “ditto” !

“We’re All In ThisTogether –
 in an Anti-Sustain-Worthy-ing ‘Predicament'” –
– currently in the guise of a COVID-19 ‘Macro-Culprit’.
———————————————————————-Thus also, my individually ‘voluntarily-altruistic’
 and “not-for-profit, power, prestige nor ‘pretentiousness'” e-sites problemis likewise being
drained-of-‘Co-Lifeplace’ human-thrival energies/supports” 
and progress;and
“stifled”/”procrusteanised” from receiving
not-for-profit funding & expertise support
as a  “Charity”
since I am “only one”
but have to be
 a Registered Charity Organisation
with Chair, Secretary, Treasurer
and Constitution and Objects of Association
and so on and so ‘sine-qua-nonly’.

which I am willing to be 
but evidently no-one else
nor any existing organisation
is !

(Apologies and Best regards}
John Miles.