“Use Best-Available Guides -“

Until 0900
Wednesday 23 September 2020

Own whole body-skin surfaces ‘sweeping-over’
with a linen cloth/pilliowslip/duvet-bag

Whole-Self balancing, symmetricly- shaping
and minimally-moving.

Something else that you also find necessary
From 0900
in timeframes of 90-minutes

Lone-Self Dynamicly-Posturing–
and not-pretending !

“browsing” through online
“Watch Awarenessing Massages”

be adapting one’s “inner” as well as “outer”
[noting also any ‘non-responsivenesses]

Own body and parts
“tension-relaxation varying”.

We have some continual contact with
“participating-incognito co-sustainworthying ‘members’
whose ‘findings’ may be shown here – as we go along –

Some are already following
a 24mins26seconds
young woman masseuse
slowishly massaging a young man
“Slowest Multiple ‘Dry’ … Massages
(recorded by a ‘Hand Careers’ Company).

—————–0833 ——————-

Som of us have settled for few 10-minuteses with
“Sensual Jasmine”
(wearing long wrist-covering latex rubber gloves)
Many now following
“Kate & Chris”
{wife and husband ‘co-sustain-worthy-ing’)
some are with
“Lucky Guy …”

Time now 0907 –
we’re good ’til 1030 now —>

( 0945 Halfway to 1030)
1030 ——->
Offline sustainworthying “awhile”.
—————- 0945 ————-
“Looking Around” …

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