Lone-SustainWorthy-ing #1


Let’s start with sitting on or in in a low chair
such that we can reach forward
and down
to be tolerably-comfortably touching –
and maybe
each toe in turn …

Go !
STOP !!!

Slowly gently –
sit up again for a minute or so –
{ and that naturally takes us into
some self-exploratory
a little bit of to-and-fro-ing
and maybe to some
slow-small body-circling or swaying }-
“Come to Midway-Balancing The Whole-Self”
Maintaining that
symmetricly-self-balancing “posture” –

reach down to the toes again

this time left hand to left foot
and right hand to right foot _

one moves such that one can
one’s little fingers to one’s little-toes
4th fingers to fourth toes
and so on across to
thumbs around big-toes …
Getting the “hang” of it ?
(that’s why we yelled STOP!!!)

“Find Your Limits
but do not exceed any of them –
move comfortably
well-within your