Abilities Guidances.

There has already been published
a sufficiency of non-fictional
Foundations and New-Basics.

As we growing-numbers believe,

within this
“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustain-worthy-ing”

many of the “Old” things and ways
do need to be wholesomely “carried-forward” –
and not destroyed or ‘left-behind’.

And we each and all
need to be doing this ‘sorting’
along with
We are beginning with
“Lone Self ‘Worthying'”
nextly-alternating with

so we need to start with
the practical “How-To” elements
such as
(“) In your own comfortably self-aware position –
relax during your in-breaths –
tense yourself a little, or make a short movement,
during your out-breaths.


Many of our new
foundational and basics guidances
will be much ‘lengthier’ –
and not be just a ‘good-read’
than that “lone-self-improvement” ‘snippet’
but will become
“a full story reference source”
“an ongoing comfort”.
Such, it is suggested, could be
The School of Life
introduced by Alain Botton.

Such ‘greater-opuses’ provide
both excellent “Mind-Food”
“Bigger & Biggest Pictures” –
which help one to be
one’s own ongoing

Standard reference books such as
Roget’s Thesaurus
and various Encyclopaedia
can similarly help one’s
“ongoingly-guiding life-mapping”.

More detail
as we go along.


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