Life-Grade vs Pay-Grade

Why is that,

since the literally ‘domineering’
“Pay-Grades Argument”
inhibits and prevents
not just “Democracy”
but “All-Governance”
from “working-for-all”**

Why havn’t we founded an alternative
Life-Grades” scale,
specificly for and in the
“128-hours Lifeplace128” –
based upon every-one’s ‘score’
viz “Personal Lifeplace-Efficiency”
[at “making-ends-meet”
off just one-standard sufficient human-income***
as distinct from the
“40-hours Workplace”] ?

The term “Nation” means “The People”
– and not “The State”.
…and not only for both
the ‘above-the-top’
and the
‘below-the-bottom’ people –
but for
All of this Earth’s Lifesupports, too.
“One human being needs just one-human living”.

Why ?


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