One’s “Life-Authors”

Th-Fri 20-21 August 2020

It was Gurdjieff
who is said to have said
“One has many ‘I’s’ -“

These we may now think of as being our

Could it also be possible


is still
further such “selves” ?

If so,
then in addition to being
a-part-of-my-fathet, my-mother, my-‘siblings’,
my ‘neighbours, teachers. priests, friends –

{[( and de-facto-ly-possibly too, of some ‘enemy’ ? )]}

I have
‘acquired’ and am still acquiring’ –
even in this very year 2020
at the age of 92

‘some-of-the-selfs’ of
and quite separately so from one
“Daniela” and “Kirsty” and “Valerie”
and “Paul ‘somaticly'”

– and still from long-ago’ –
and before I ‘got’
some of
“Gilbert Champernowne”
“Ben Belton”
“Lord Chaplin”
( and one must surely now also ‘suppose’
not only
Jungian Analysts Irene, Mackworth and Hardy –
but the whole of their
live-in practical-therapy-‘estate’
The Withmead Centre –
itself was becoming one of my
“life-lands” *

and in ‘non-officially-therapeutic days –
a ‘colleague’ Ex-Servicemens’ Association member
“WW2 bullet-through-the-back-of-the-head
Major John Benskin”
and of his possible-father
“Rev Benskin
of Plymouth College’s teaching staff**”

much later, and even currently now,
of “Nick” – and of “Jacqueline” –
and “Brian”,”Sean”,

and even via ‘my’ computer’s vision-&-sound
of “Scot-the-Tech” –
and thus also of one
“Jonathan Scott, International-Level Organist”****

? ? ?

“One’s life should be made up of questions-&-answers,
as well as of People and Places,
and ‘things-we-have-done’ …”
according to ‘Anon’.


One of my “life-authors” was
a British and UN regular army
“Captain ‘Pedro'”
of the Royal Lincolnshire Regiment –
on active service in the Middle-East
who used to ask incoming new subalterns
the “life-leading” question

“Every-one does something well –
so what do you do well, Surname ?”



* “Life-lands” – “home-territories” -“stamping-grounds”
** CofE vicar and visiting-teacher
in those “Divinity” WW2 schooldays
‘renowned’ for introducing an
upon us boys
if we ‘joked’ about anything ‘holy’
by giving a short, sharp ‘one-with-the-cane’
across the stooping bottom
of the first-‘offending’ boy***

[who lived near Hender’s Corner –
near which stood the Emmanuel Church organ
upon which I actually began learning
even in between firewatchings of the Blitz
and being a ‘foreign’ day-boy
from Burraton, Saltash –
the other side of the river]
see within YouTube.


***** so-to-speak.