“Verbalisation” ‘conflictuals’.

An instance
(of “Verbal-Conflictuality”):

A question has appeared on www.quora.com –
Is there a dichotomy
between individuality
“humans are social animals”?

And an answer was in-progress
but has “interimly-disappeared”.

Here is how that submissional-answer would have begun:

(1) ‘World-leading’ biology professor Richard Dawkins’s
The Selfish Gene
could throw much relevant knowledge to ths question.

As could the erstwhile world-leading psychologist
Dr CG Jung’s published work on
”Individuation” – as being a worthy, possibly ‘essential’,
“humankind cause” to be ‘tackled’ by any
“Individual-&-Collective Human Development
Organisation, Faculty, Group or Individual”.

(2) “Dichotomisation”
is a necessary Lifeplace and Workplace mind-pursuit of
“differentiating between otherwise “conflated” matters-of-fact;
and should not have an ‘intimation’ of “conflict-between”.