Weaknesses Must Come First

When you “start-from-the-very-beginnng” –
it is ‘wise’ to remember that
before Baptism took place
[in the ‘Outside’-World]

a “lot of real-lifeplace-living-&-learning”
had to have taken place already –

but at the Font
the baby still has months and years to go
before they have sufficiently learned
how to master and control that
1st-Centre of ‘personal-life-force’ –
“keeping their own backside clean”
in that “1st” Sacramental-Centre
Baptismal, Root, or Grounding
divine-human-energy-centre –

[but it wasn’t the first -life-ability the baby needing to master —
there had to be prior self-controls
obviously including self-moving, eating, and drinking.

So, likewise before you start “having sex”
you’ll have to have mastered
how ‘well’ you drink and eat’ –
and thereafter how well you “self-clean” –
from wiping your mouth
wiping your ‘backside’