‘Portmanteau’ terms –

[“Terms with more than one intrinsic-sense” –
usually said of a word which,
in some sense’
may not be a “term” ]

has more than one definiens ‘sense’ –

In daily generally descriptive human-life
one of its senses is
in the more prescriptive mathematical sense
it has the sense of “Calculus”.

So, as I was coming in
from receiving “Mr Orange-Shirt’s”
Amazon parcel-delivery,
I found myself ‘differentiating”
my left-leg’s-walkingness from my right’s.

Before going offline-sustainworthying,
look-up “portmanteau word” in Wikipedia-or-Somewhere –

Examples in English include
chortle (from chuckle and snort),
smog (from smoke and fog),
brunch (from breakfast and lunch),
mockumentary (from mock and documentary),
shithouse (from ‘shit’ and ‘house’ ??? or not)*
and spork (from spoon and fork).

portmanteau is a suitcase that opens into halves.

* foff (from ‘far’ and ‘off’), then ???

How now
‘differentiate’ between
“decent-educational” and “dirty-porn” ?