NEW: “Running-Sessions”

It may now be a further-comfort

in our

“Self-&-Civilisation –
Individual Human Movement Co-Improving.
Wholesome Health, Wellness & Wellbeing

to be believing that –
despite being both ‘bodily-apart’ and ‘anonymous’
we are
‘notwithstanding’, ‘nonetheless, and ‘nevertheless’
“lone-togetherly-participating in the same ‘session’.


A ‘Session’ could consist of a
such as

“Between 0130 and 0300
(today Wednesday 12 August 2020)
we will be progressing

in n-minutes “steps”
through an online ‘Watch’ Video;
facilitated by the e-site(s)

of any of us willing-&-able participamts.

Let us now
since we are still in the first half of a 0130 to 0300
“Natural-Human-Mind Life-Energy-Wave” _
given that we are each alone and needing to keep ourself well within our own Limis and ‘Comfortable-Zones –
this e-site could be offering some ‘facilitation’.

We need a video showing
‘healthy’, ‘safe’, and ‘easy’
movements and postures
most of us could
‘mindly-share’ – be ’empathising-with’

and maybe some of us might be able to
‘bodily-reflect” some part of the “scene”.

This is where a site allowing us to
“pause”, “mute”, and to “switch the speed”
should come in ‘handy’*.

* ‘handy’ –
our hands and fingers
are actually quite
“super-divinely-evolved-and-experienced” –
so they will be “leading” quite a lot –
in the light of some of our non-fiction Guidances

Your Body: biofeedback at its best
(without instruments, machinery and artificiality).
[by Professor Dr Beata Jencks]
The Centering Book
by Hendricks & Wills
contains many educational
mind &-movement exploraioons
and exercises

We may use e-sites and timeframes for our
“lone-practicing” and “co-practicing” purposes,
We now search for a suitably-share-able video –
be prepared to “skip” or “guillotine”
anything “unsuitable” in this stage.


What we’re looking for here is

has an ’emulable’ site – which has a speed-control
from 0.25 through Normal to 2.0
0.75 is acceptably slow speech as well as movemnt;-
then the sound can be muted,
giving a slowest movement speed of -0.25.

Slow Dancing
“First Wedding Dance Tips”
(at Normal speed: 7mins23seconds]


Let’s use that for some
“self-&-co- enabling-practice”-
finding how long they last at different speed –

————— 0317 —————-
(1) The ClubDance [Normal:6mins06secs]
(2) Wedding First Dance Steps. {Normal 05mins55Secs]
(3) The Wedding Dance Tips (7mins22secs}

is halfway through the
0300 -0430
natural-human-mind-body timeframe.

We’ll be with the YouTube possibilities until 0430.
(This ‘publisher’ is using a pillow as a dance-learning-partner !)


Better than a Speeding-Ticket !!!

“To Our Next Post – ‘Further-Exploring’ :-)”

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