The proposed
“Virtual Togetherings”
post has drawn a local-member’s question

“What is the real-world-possibility –
and history if any –
of achieving such a ‘Togetherness’ ?”

Our cumulatively-foundational
has the following leading

non-fiction publication :
The Second Centering Book
by Hendricks & Roberts

which is a further educational ‘manual’
detailing both
‘standard-rational’ and ‘leading-irrational’
Explorations and Enablements –

within which

chapter 3 is
Teaching with Fantasy
chapter 4
Working with Dreams

chapter 8 is on
Parapsychology & Exploring the Mind
[including ESP]
and chapter 9 on
Transpersonal Values.
[‘Lucid-Dreaming’ was taught and explored in
The Centering Book
by Hendricks & Wills]

More later – after a few further Offline-Sustainworthyings.

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