Nessa Carey’s
Hacking The Code of Life
how gene editing will rewrite our futures :

just shows that
the physico-biologists
are exploring
their now

the first achieved-instance of which took place in China –
“On 28 November 2018 a Chinese scientist announced the birth of twin girls, Lulu and Nana …”
(the identity of whose ‘parents’ is a secret …).

“They were the first children ever born with changes to their genetic material which had been deliberately introduced by scientists.”

” … Their genetic lineage has been changed for ever.”
That’s from the Prologue to this non-fiction book;

and if we now ‘skip’ through to the book’s closing page we find
It wouldn’t be that difficult to use gene-editing to transform benign bacteria into ones with a high degree of danger for humans or livestock.
These could be used for biological warfare agents
or simply to extort money from vulnerable industries and governments.

Publisher’s ‘ Thought’ :-
What kind of
is now going to be necessary
to mass-produce

of Euthanasia or ‘Pain-Killer’ tablets –
to make the
super-mass-‘culling’ of whole-populations –

such as by a
‘Covid-21 Virus-epidemic-or-pandemic’
“acceptable” ?

See also
Questions and Answers
within .

[qua ‘gene-editing’ –
the big-step “forwards” from the 45-years-ago-established
GM: ‘Gene-Modification’]

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