New Discussion Topics #1

Discussion Topic #1


Since there are (still) enough WsMD
to destroy Civilisation –
and maybe most-or-all of Earthlife too –
“~27-times-over” –

isn’t it past-time that

the Worlds’-Participant-Peoples
and the United Nations
that –

provided that
a one-quarter-Earthlife-destructive
WMD single-strike
would not impair
the full recovery
of all Lifeforms on Earth
especially including
a ‘critical-mass’ of Human-Beings
and their
Co-Sustainworthying Civiisation –

(that -)

of the Worldwide
[including in near-Space-orbit]
be “handed-in”
to the United Nations Organisation
“safe-keeping” [**]


[**] e.g. In case of their future need
to ward-off
Aggressive-“ET” Attacks upon Earth.

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