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Q. Why are many costly “Sustain-ability” programs failing
but “Co-Sustainworthying” is rejected as being ‘not-a-word’ ? [not-for-profit, power, prestige nor ‘pretence’].

Consider, please:
(1): “One human being needs just one-human-living”;

(2) “Hitler’s Third Reich had been “sustained” for more than 10 (ten) years,
such that if it had won WW2 it might have become ‘sustainable’
even for more than a thouand years:
but our Allied problem with it was that it was not “sustain-worthy”.

(3) Even the United Nations has our
Earth-&-Humankind-Civilisational Contexts
or at best far too “foggy”:
e,g, The Lifeplace128hrs/week needs
‘plentiful’ “analogued-enablements” education.:
the Workplace 40hrs/week needs
economicly-few “digitalised-skills” training.

(4) The W.H.O 1978 Declaration olf Primary Health Care is still failing,
because –
the USA and UK (among other “developed” peoples)
surreptitiously ‘swept-all” under their pre-established
Primary Medical Care
(whilst falsely using
new ‘Primary Health Care’
signboards and propaganda) –
and because the UN itself has insufficient “implementational-powers”.

(5) It is also said that
only Spain has recently established a
“Wellness and Health Building-&-Maintaining Service”
quite distincltly separate from its
“Medical, Hospitals, Illnesses and Pharmacology Sector”.

(6) UK Local Govt ‘over-invoices’ Central Govt
£500 for a £50 per 7-hour day 9-4pm Sitter
to be with a frail little old lady.

(7) Much more support would be possible with a
UN Network of Impartial Neighbourhood Associations.

Sunday 03 August 2020.