This “Marooned” Abyss

2053 Sunday 03 August 2020
The following question has been submitted to today :-
How can we, Humankind-on-Earth, get out of “This ‘Marooned’ Abyss” – unable to “go-back” to “better-days”, and unable to Co-Plan, Constitute and Sustain “good new days” – for both the Present and the Longest-Term Future?


We are no longer
such a
“‘Top-Dog’ –
Human Race”

nor necessarily is our
“Technological Prowess”
us and our Earth’s Lifesupports

as “Factual” and “God-Given”
billions of us are still set to go on
“believing” we
for the rest of their lives –

and perhaps you or I may even be one-such
“unconsciously-unaware” –

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Many “groups”, “communities”, “cliques”, and “couples”
of us
are still well-fed and generally-supplied
enough to truly begin
“joining together”
to select the
“most-essential and longest-term sustainworthy”

[*] in some
sense of
but also of
“many things to be
‘transformed’, ‘cannibalised’ and/or ‘left-behind'”

and in some Workplace like-sense of
“essential-services & workers prioritising”
but what could be done about
“sorting” – “prioritising”
all the different Numbers and Kinds of
“Lifeplace-People” ?

2023 Sunday 03 August 2020 ——–> Worlwide-In-Progress Publicised
2057 “.. believing we really-are…”

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