The ‘Mindfulness-Muddle’

“Since the body
both evolved and developed
the ‘Brain-Mind’ –

the “sensible” way to begin
is through
“Body-ful-ness-ing” “.

[e.g. with Relaxercise by Bersin, Bersin & Reese.]

we have a ‘muddle’ with
and a few other post-post-modern
new “discovery-titles”.
[e.g. “Somatic-Intelligence”;]
and a few now ” de facto obsolescent” ones –

“Cognitive Behaviour & Therapy” –
[which is rooted in Psychiatric-Treatment];

“Reinforcement theory”
[both positive and negative branches of which have been shown to be ineffectually both imbalanced and imbalancing, and have been surpassed now by the
“Perceptual Self-Control” theory and practique.
A thin little book has just been delivered
[to this “Co-Sustainworthying Sub-HQ”]
Why Self-Awareness
helps to cut out the noise
“the most important skill you can have today”.
by Sophia Hilly.

You may be wondering what is so important about self-aareness.
Those of you who are asking that
are either not ‘self-aware’

or have yet to find value in ‘self-awareness‘ ” –
– to which we need to add “-ing”…

“self-awareness-ing” in turn might ‘bettered’ by

Our main life-factual need
is to initially
that we need to have

awarenesses “.

If one is ‘unaware’ that although a disbility is irreversible,
the impairments that tend to ‘collect’ around it
may all be reversible –
and –
with the addition of
the “better self-awaring habit”
may also all be self-therapeuticly ‘curable’ or remedial.

Pause for “stillnessing” o “self-stilling” –
and for offline co-sustainworthying.
1751 St 02 August 2020.

🙂 🙂 🙂

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