“Purpose”: which, what-for?

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Question: (“) How may one improve one-self ?(“)

Answer via Quora.com:

One needs to tackle this Matter “two-foldly” :
(A) Improving [qua “all-round-enabling”] one’s “sole-self”;
(B) “All-round-co-enabling one’s “neighbours” & “civilisation”.

Now one needs Non-Fiction published Guidances –
and to be progressively making them your new
“Co-Sustainworthying-Library” –
one needs both
(i) “instantly-practical-basics-guidances” and
(ii) the new-foundationally
“longest-term-’learnworthy- ‘tomes’, too.
(i) Relaxercise by Bersin, Bersin & Reese
[simply follow the individual movement-sketches and brief guidances].
Effort (Laban)
People Skills (Bolton)
Superimmunity (Pearsall)
all you need from each of these is their summaries. [*]
(ii) Awakening Somatic Intelligence (Risa Kaparo);
Wisdom of the Body Moving (Linda Hartley);
Both Anatomy of the Spirit (Caroline Myss)
and Lifestreams (David Boadella) –
which show ongoing ‘lifespan’ detail of
(“) the divinely-practical-7-fold
Human-Energies ‘centres’ and their functions.(“)
[*] For “how to begin and progress guidances”
see http://lifefresh.net