The Only Next-Human-Way

The Only

The Lone & Progressive
Learning, Practicing,
of the

“Method III”


” ‘No-Lose’
Needs-&-Hows Recognition
Cooperative Problem Solving “.

Step 1

Write up
a unanimously-agreeable
(A) The World Situation
(B) The Immediate Common Predicament and Problem.

Step 2

In a virtual,
and ultimately real-physical and face-to-face,
clockwise circle –
each ‘alone-ly’
a solution that will meet
not only
the real and key need
of each party-present
but also of the similar-needs
of those who might be affected by
the Meeting’s decisions and ultimate Planning
but who are unable to be present in the Meeting.
Keep on going around the circle
-equal time each, non-ransferable,
non-‘chaining, non-piggy-backing,
until each participant is satisfied with
the ‘verfbatimness’ of their written-up ‘solution’.

Step 3
Go around – and around – again-and-again –
this time Evaluating each of the imagined solutions.

Step 4
Go around again and again to
choose the
one solution
or to gather
factors from more than one solution
to be ‘cobbled’ together
into an ‘eclectic’ solution.
Don’t forget to be
the probable needs
of each-and-all of those
unable to attend the Meeting.

Steps 5 & 6

Around-and around again —
constructing a
Plan A
to meet each and all agreed Needs-&-Hows
including sketching a Timeline
and planning successively-proper
evaluations ;
then construct
(Step 6)
‘Contingency’ Plan B
– in case of any
Plan A ‘breakdown’,
‘sabotage’, ‘delay’,
or other ‘shortcoming’.

🙂 🙂 🙂

“And May The Divine Reality Also Be Guiding You.”

1541 -1545 ——–> Wednesday 29 July 2020