“Together ?” :-( “How ?”

The following ‘challenge’ proposal
has ‘just-this-minute’ been submitted
to a ‘booming’ Evangelical Christian Church Leader
(in the USA).


I have your book What On Earth Am I Here For –
although I was brought up ‘Low-Anglican’
[at St Stephens-by-Saltash church near Plymouth, U.K]
and have been a church organist and choirmaster
elsewhere in the world, too]
Christianity-in-General has ‘de-facto ex-communicated’ me 
because I ask their hierarchies to exhaustively address
the facts and factors of
(1) “Climate-Worsening”;
(2)  “The Increasing Shortfall Between Earth’s ‘Carrying-Capacity’
andHumankind’s ‘Caplessly Militant & Destructive’ Demands.  
(3)  The sapiental-logic of
“One human being needs just one-human-living”;
(4) Of other “Ultimate-Onrushing-Disasters & Life-Extinctions” 
as evidenced by many groups of scientists worldwide –
and TV Eden channel documentary broadcast in
How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth

‘reporting’ that
of the Earth’s Resources and Countries’ Produce,
China is owning-&-consuming’ 10% more than its fair share,
many countries are having to struggle on less,
many on far-less, than their fair-share;
worse still
a few so-called ‘leading’ and ‘developed’ countries
are ‘owning-&-consuming’ more,
than  their fair share (per-head-of-population): 
UK ‘commands’ 500% more than its fair share:
USA ‘commands’ 900% more than its fair share …
In short, Rick –
“How Now Brown Cow ?”.. 

I am still endeavouring to be ‘lifestylely’ and  ‘sapientally’   
“True-to the Divine”
by voluntarily-altruisticly
and not-for-profit, power, prestige nor ‘pretence’
publishing three e-sites

apparently “to no avail”.
again “but” –
a few weeks ago I discovered www.quora.com –
and have been quite ‘successfully’ answering a few others’ questions;
again “but”
I am not seeing any truly  honest and clear-reasoned answers
to the few questions I have been submitting.

Before I ‘pitch into’ perusing your book – 
which I find so attractively-‘honest’ at first flip-through,
 I am alarmed to see the accent you have placed upon “Bountifulness” –

500% – 900% more than our fair share ?

How can “Christianity” and “Co-Sustainworthying”
ever become
“peacefully-radically-reformative” and “cooperatively-participatory” ?

Have you a branch in the U.K. yet  ? –
 ( just in case there is yet ‘hope’ }.-. 
————————————————- ————— 
With best regards,
**** *****


Saturday 11 July 202-0