Sustainworthy Material #1

construct our ‘own’
‘Peacefully Radical Reformational’
“Learning, Practicing and Pro-Activating Sustainworthying”
Courses, Syllabuses and Curriculums – [Curricula]
from Material that we
search-out, come-across, or ‘find-confronting-us’.

Such is the following ‘material’
contributed this week via
to ‘like-minded’ enquirers:

Q. Are there sources (preferably a scientific book) on
the full evolutionary history of the human species,
starting with the origin of life, then cells, animals, etc.?

A. Hopefully so;
and also needed is an
Encyclopaedia of Earth Lifeforms’ Needs, Hows & Prospects

and one truly ‘outstanding human-evolutionary work”
is Wisdom of the Body Moving by Linda Hartley
deeply ‘quantum-leaply’
researched and practised
both educationally and therapeuticly
the parallel natural-evolution
the human-being’s body-movement abilities,
from conception and in-utero movements,
then as a ‘floor-crawler’,
an ‘inchworm” –
and then more multi-directional ’wriggly’;
then up through the fish and ‘mud-skipper’ stages –
and so on, onwards and upwards,
to and through the homolateral movers,
finally into the heterolateral movers,
and into human-maturity.

End Sustainworthy Material #1
“In-Progress” shown to The Public
1137 – onwards
Saturday 11 Juily 2020