Sustainworthy Material #2

Further this week submitted to a ‘likeminded-enquirer
via :-

Q. Do humans and animals compete to occupy this Earth?

A. Biology tells that the Earth’s-Lifeforms are like a ‘Pyramid’ –
at its base, the filtered sunlight nourishes the Plant Kingdom,
upon which all vegetarian-predators, such as caterpillars, feed,
but to an amount of (only) 10% of that total ‘food-layer’;
the next layer up (say, Birds) likewise consumes only 10%
(of the available caterpillars);

and so on “up” –
until Earthlife-as-a-Whole
“hits” Humankind –
and its Possible-Alien-Technological Weaponry-Arsenals …
**:-( **
[ we’re now in some instances ‘looking-at’
not only over 100% ‘consume-raging’
but in many instances ‘over-wasting and destroying’
even the Non-Bio lifesupports
upon which all of those Bio-Lifeforms –
including us-humans –
do depend ! ]

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