Wars? – or a Worthy-Peace?

“You Can’t Have Both !”

0709 Wednesday 08 July 2020
In-Progress – 1st public-awaring.

This publisher acknowledges that
inference may be made that

“That’s implying that
Humankind has never yet had a Worthy Peace” –

and hastens to assure any such inferer
and “the world at large”
herein the stipulative-definition of “Worthy”
contains the following definiens essential :-

“… and eschewing Warring
in favour of the newly constitutional law of

” ‘No-Lose’
Needs-&-Hows Recognition,
Mehod III Cooperative Problem Solving.
Individual Human Movement Co-Improving
Wholesome Health, Wellness & Wellbeing

Co-Building & Co-Maintaining”

as a
Constituted Civilisation Foundational-Necessity
and as
the continually-ongoing problem-resolving
Lifeplace First Resort.

2nd public-awaring
0721 – 0900 ————-> and until further notice.