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The following response
has been sent to a query from
The World Cafe’s “Community-Table” :-

***, OK; 
it is a matter of using a new-keyword
Sustain-Worthiness” and its derivatives,
as a ‘prerequisite’ to “Sustainability”.

If Hitler’s Third Reich had won WW2,
 it could have become “sustainable
even for more than a thousand-years;
but our Allied Problem with it was that
 it was never “sustain-worthy” norsustainworthying“.
Since then, “Things” have “gotten a lot worse”; 
and we
including The United Nations, 

‘Losing the Peace‘..
——————————- .

Thus comes
“We need to become majorly
Individual Human Movement Co-Improving.
Wholesome Health, Wellness & Wellbeing
Co-Building and Co-Maintaining”.
[ Hence not-for-profit, power, prestige nor ‘pretence’ – 
http://lifefresh.net ].
With best and warmest regards, 
John Miles.

2030 – 2035 1st Interim public-showing
Publisher going offline ‘sustainworthying’
by 2100 today Friday 04 July 2020

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