You Need Only Some “Keys”.

‘in most real-human-lives’
“since time immemorial”

Here in “Co-Sustainworthying”
Tuesday 30 June 2020.

“Eye Exercises”
for instance.

Most such ‘self-help’ books
include quite a long list of
distinctly different “exercises”[*]

Most list some form of
“Upper-Eyelids-Lowered ‘Sunning”
“Near-Far ‘swinging’ foci”
“Circling” …
and probably twice as many more
which we
“more lone-&-co-sustainworthying dedicates”
now appreciate need to be
by quite thorough
In this publisher’s case, begun in Australia 1980
just the “Edging” enablement led to other
within the bounds of Edging.
Until today –
after this publisher’s horizontal-‘nap’ –
the ‘new-need’
within “Eyes-Circling”
became apparent :

taking plenty of time –

and perhaps during a little eyes-circling
after eye-drops-ing both eyes –

with upper-eyelids lowered but eyes ‘open’ –
doing the ‘linear’ movements discoveries –
the diagonals as well as the sides-of-a-square –
is required
to ‘catch’ one’s little
“corners-cutting”, “blinkings/flashings”
“leaving-one-eye-out-altogether” –

before coming to
the Greater-Discovery of
that start coinciding with one’s bones
around the eye-sockets,
and inside of one’s eyebrows –
and down to one’s chh

cheek-bones –
and across
behind one’s nose-bones –

newly-vitally-important-&-urgent too –
“coming back to comfortable central-eyes-resting
directly forwards”.

“… A dull life this if
full of care –
we have no time to
stand –

[Old English Poet’s ‘finding’]


[*] Here make a ‘Pause’ –
to hark back to Linda Hartley’s
“breakthrough” research and practical work
on the
“total and evolutionarily”-
Life-forms related
Human Movement development
Wisdm of the Body Moving.

Her work with real-people
during this great advance
showed those involved that
prior to
one needs to become accustomed to

1914 -1917 – 1923 ——> 2359 T 30 06 2020
In-Progress public-showing.