A “Sleep” Question ?

A Quora.com member “has difficulty sleeping”.
Below is this “Co-Sustainworthying” publisher’s response :

Q. Sleeplessness.
A. Before
“hitting a peanut with a “doctor’s drugs-sledgehammer’ –
know this :

(1) Even many standard GPs advise that
“most people can manage well
off as little as 3-hours sleep per night; paticularly as they age”,
and especially if they get up
and do something comfortably active –
even watching ‘non-junky’ TV programmes.
(2) Sleep-Researchers showed that
(a) the natural human sleep-cycle is 90 minutes (not 60)
and its main features are
(i) going down through mind-consciousness levels
(’layers’ including hypnogogic-dreaming’ layers –
which most people will not even realise happened
much less be recalled)’
(ii) the senses turn-off successively
until after 45 minutes “firebells won’t wake you”
[and the whole body is busy-estly repairing
and refreshing every-organ and limb]

(iii) the trough is past until about 40 minutes upwards again,
the “sub-surface layers” are encountered,
and nearest to the top the “dreaming-levels” happen
(‘REMs’ accompany this essential refreshment level too)
and it is this dreaming that it’s best to become ‘able-&-willing
to both recall and jot-down some of the dreamed feelings and ‘cryptics’
in order to re-visit them at leisure.
(iv) It was later found that the Soviets had quickly “spied-out”
this new USA research, and applied it to their Armed-Forces,
the net-result being that their fighting-soldiers, actually in battle,
could remain fighting-fit for monrths on end
on only 2-hours sleep per night.-
that was achieved by training them to have the 90-minutes
and then upon waking with a dream, recording it
whilst still ‘relaxing in bed’ –
and “medirating with or without that dream
whilst also doing “bed-yoga and breathings’
for 30 minutes (= total 120 minutes = 2 hours)
Then the Reveille trumpet would sound –
to leap them up “washed-&-breakfasted”
or “no-nonsense straight-into-battle” again.
(v) I have used this information, by setting both
‘alarm-clocks”; and ‘’cellphone-reminder-music’;
and by having
at least a pencil-with-eraser and a litle bedside notebook;
and for over 40 years now,
I have slept easily every night;
until in deeper nonogenarian retirement years
I can now get up and ‘be busy’ by night’,
and also sleep –
or jusr upper-eyelids-lowered
“armchair or bed-horizontally”
enjoy resting, contemplating,
even healthyishly-fantasising –
by day,

Now I don’t “have to”
go out
some 10 hours total per day
to work, or whatever
why not “alternate”
between vertical and horizontal
two or three times ?
– by day and night
With best wishes,
jsdm. 🙂 .

St 27 June 2020.
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