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What is the biological approach to psychiatric illness?

John Miles as Voluntarily-Altruistic Non-profit Esites Publisher 

Psychiatry does not allow the fact 
that most so-called “Mental Illnesses
[qua also “mental-health-issues/problems”]
are actually Physiological Impairments 
having a ‘negative-psychological or Mind-Functional
sign/symptom ‘presentation’.

‘Therefore’: ‘biology’ falls outside of the Psychiatric-’Jurisdiction’;
and so has to ‘mount’ its own ‘stand’ or ‘approach’.
Two salient
but many-layers deeply buried out of sight
“evidences” of Psychiatry’s existential-questionability are :-

(1) Australian GP Dr Claire Weekes’s finding
that most so-called psychiatric cases of ‘Depression’
are not depression but “Progressive-Fatigue”:
i.e. one ails because of untreated Physiological fatigue,
which if not treated deteriorates further into Emotional-fatigue;
then further into ‘Mind-Functional (“Mental”) fatigue;
and finally if still not adequately ‘treated’
the ‘slippery-slope’ becomes Spiritual fatigue
i.e. one’s life-energies themselves are,
as if already having one-leg slipping into the grave,
now have the other leg also fast-slipping in, too.

Some USA psychiatrists,
and psychiatrists and doctors in other countries,
 recognised this serious-distinction
that Dr Weekes had found,
and “engaged” her to sort-out their
queues of “depressed” patients;
over 50% of whom were then found to be 
not psychiatricly depressed,
but simply physiologicly ‘fatigued’.

(2) The second serious ‘flaw’ is not only in Psychiatry’s Foundations
but in almost every Profession’s “Raisons-D’Etre”, too.

Since ‘irrefutably’ “one-human-being needs just one-human living;
and that one-sufficient weekly living income
[in the UK]
is ‘around £300pw + rent & special-needs allowances’; 
any human-being “having-to-have”
twice that sufficient-income
is both ‘deluded’
[that they are two (2) human-beings not just one (1 ]);
is only 50% personally-efficient
at living in the 128 hrs/week Lifeplace.

In the case of the psychia-trist/triste 
who needs £3,000 per week
[apart from work-costs
which are all paid by the Overseeing-Employer anyway] –
we civilisationally-consequently
have ‘non-negotiably-inherited’ individuals –
and a whole Sub-NHS sector of psychiatrists
who are
“9-times deluded and only 10% personally-efficient
at living in the 128hr/week Lifeplace” !!

Something’s wrong, somewhere” – 
because practically all Professions are similarly

(3) Wholisticly-Physiologically there is another ‘buried’
but saliently-vital research-finding [of ~1930]
which is reported in The New Health Revolution by Ross Horne:
The 400+ so-called “Degenerative Diseases”
are a root not diseases” at all,
but symptoms/signs of just one complex Root-Disease –
[viz: there are many lipids, and many toxins;
hence the huge number of different “symptoms/signs”.]

(4) So what you/we and/or biology “make of”
any ‘approach’ to psychiatric-illness
would appear to be seriously-constricted to “lose” side
of the “win-lose” 
Legalised-Purpose of :

“Let’s you and them fight
This is a survival-of-the-fittest win-lose world” –
you happen to have been selected to be a ‘loser’ – for the time being !

So one guesses that it is the
“enfant-terrible” ‘baby’
both of
the United Nations W.H.O.
and of
All Nation-States’
Establishments, Governments,
(including Biology)
Peoples –
“put right”


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