seems to be a
“Co-Sustainworthying” permissive
Big-Org site.

Here is one of our “co-sustainworthying” participations
this week,
slightly ‘polished-up’ and misprints removed :-

The Topic is based upon the
Fact-not-Fiction of Life
“One-human-being needs just one-human-living”.

One honest and good-hearted answer may
be summarily paraphrased
thus :-

{“} Human-beings
much more than their
to be met {“}.

Now please read on –

The conflational-block there, Susan, is the sense and further-verbalising-meaning of “earn”.
It is akin to “ownership” –
especially to secretively “private” house* and car* ownetrship.

Housing is in fact a Commonly-Owned historicly-infrastructural “good”;
and even a bicycle is “commonly-owned”
and is far from being “private”
in that it is a ‘threat’ on the road,
could even kill someone –
and there is nothing ”private” about that factor.

“Buy and Own Yiur Own Home”
is another mind-functionally*-deliberately twisted conflation.

Focally too, the people who are having to ”endeavour” the most
are the ‘poor’ and certainly not the ‘rich’ –
the latter having
‘effectively’ “embezzled”
their way into wealth –
all of Civilisation is “In-Common”,
and to be drawing,
even being ‘given’ or ‘handed-out’
more than you both collectively and personally need
still makes you
that much peeonally-inefficient
in the Non-Workplace40 Lifeplace 128.
{I pause for breath please Susan).
* I hold that “Mind Function-ally”is ‘clearer’
or ‘more-objective’ than


Further, in a real sense, nobody bottom-line “earns” more –
certainly not
“over-the-top infinitely un-cappedly” –
every-one’s ability anyway is ‘pre-owned-gifted=or-invested’
by Life and Civilisation
which evolved, educated, and trained one. .

Here again, it is the Employer who ‘pockets’ all the Major-Profits
from the Employee’s’ labours and ‘endeavours
[even from the ‘endeavours’ [sic] of military=personnel
to go-to-war
to “mass-kill-off-by-the-hundred”
‘innocently-kindred like-human-beings ]
it is the Employer who should be paying
all Schooling and University fees
and costs , too.
Lastly here-and-now,
the evidence of our Civilisations’
over-consumption, over-wasting, over-extincting,
and over-one-way-destroying
both the Earth’s Lifesupports
and Humankind Itself’s
Sustainworthily-Constructive Potential
is almost wholly the “deliberate fault”
of the very
the reasoning you have employed
is so
‘wholeheartedly’ supporting !
“I rest my case”.
I really do need to rest my case;
Thank you.

further ‘polished-up