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“10 Mental Illnesses we often mistake for Character Traits – ?”

An answer:
I prefer to think and reason about “Mind-Functions”
rather than of the historicly-stuck, stigmatisable, and unstable,-“Mentalities”.

Such a broader and more appropriate basic-key-heading as
can also lead us more ‘open-mindfully’
into ‘spotting’ such ‘loopholes’ as –
[“] Since one human being needs just one-human living
(of say £300pw + Rent-allowance)
anyone requiring twice that
is not only 50% personally-inefficient
at living in the 128 hrs/week Lifeplace,
but is ‘one-time’ deluded
[that they are 2 human beings not just one].

It now follows that
the Psychiatrists themselves
both individually and as a class,
are ~9-times deluded –
i.e. they think –
and are constitutionally-officially ‘defined’ as being –
10 (ten) human-beings (each)
£3,000 per-week.]

Therefore, Camelia, the Whole-Human-Civilisation ‘Field’ needs to be Exhaustively-Scrutinised and Reformed ———- ”ASAP”.

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