The Falsity of “Belief”

Probably long before Pawson wrote
Unlocking The Bible
in recent Anglican Church of England decades –
in which is reported that much of The Bible
is actgually “false” –
e.g. the names of the Disciples,
and the author of the book –
held most primarily by Christians
namely Mark –
was not experienced by whoever ‘Mark’ was
but simply scribed by him in Rome
from the words of Peter – and probably ‘verbatim’ –
but even that is unsure, also.
Further ‘obscuredly’, it still is not known
whether or not there were previous occupants
of the Office of Christ the Messiah – under a different name or names –
the more ‘universal’ name-&-experiential-fact of
‘The Divine’

Some ‘beliefs’
notably those being based upon factuality
are ‘True” and “Real”.
[All} Others are in some sense and factuality, ‘Fallacious’ –
and usually do contain
Delusion and Delusion-ing,
Real-History and Fantasy-&-Fantasising.**]

* ‘The Divine’ including not only ‘God’
but all other Religious ‘Almighties’ –
as well as being hypocriticly-‘hijacked’ by
Cultures and by other
Scientific, ‘Constitutional’,
and ‘Authoritative’
malfeasants and oportunistic-exploiters-&-people-manipulators.

** It actually the inherent case
that someone can be theirself ‘deluded’
without deluding others;
but by far the overwhelming majority of such “diabolicals”
sees others being ‘tempted’,
even unawarely-made
to become ‘deluded’, ‘false-fantasising’,
and other such

1626 – 1630-1639-1648-
1700 (by which time this publisher will need
to have gone to other sustainworthying
vocations and missions

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