Foundationally –

(say ‘Contemporarily’)

Majorly-Forthcoming :-

Mind-Mapping your many and various Timeframes
has become

in quite ‘short-order’
all rising ~8 billion people-on-Earth
need to be daily effectively-doing-it.
“Turning-the-back” – “Sweeping under the Carpet”
including some “already-commonly-unconsciouseds”
such as

A Co-Sustainworthying Note:
Focusing virtually all one’s time upon
‘making-a-success-of-my-career and its projects’
is a major-procrtastination, believe it or not.



For instance

Person-P has several mild disabilities
and a few more impairments
one ‘group’ of which is in the lower left ‘half’ of the body,
from a pelvis-deep-bruising and a groin hernia
down to a knee ‘chronicly-uncomfortable-impairment”
and a mended-but-thickened-bone Potts fracture in the ankle,
to part-hammered, and ‘movement-neglected’ toes
among which the index toe has had some nerve-line(s) severed
and the big-toe’s outer joint ‘compacted’ –
-permanently immovable, bigger-boned and often painfully ‘stiff’.

The NHS, Alternative and Complementary Services all say
“That’s life; that’s the best that can be done”
[except ‘Rolfing’,
some 25 years after
a car had knocked Person-P into a coma
in 1980,
did do some deep therapy into that left side
and succeeded in giving Person-P
some additionally theraputic ‘exercises’
to keep ‘self-healing’ with.

The ‘point’ today is that
further disablement followed and the right kne was fractured.
Given also that whilst at Keele University in 1954,
Person-P had accidentally taken too much dexadrine
(to get an essay finished overnight)
and was wrongly diagnosed by both the GP and the nearby hospital’s psychiatrist,
the latter prescribing immediate robust ECT and –
when that cracked the spine –
switching Person-P into
a Course of “Deep Insujlin Coma Therapy”
after which the patient felt no better –
and was allowed to self-discharge
into his sister’s care down in hometown Plynouth area.

Person-P was taken-on
by the Jungian Withymead Centre nr Exeter to do a residential Jungian analysis under three doctors, a GP, one female psychiatrically -qualified & Jungian-trained analyst and one visiting male likewise fully trained analyst;
the team being ‘headed’ by tyhe founding couple Gilbert Champernowne and wide qualified PhD Jungian analyst Irene.
Tyhere, good progress was rapidly being made –
such quite deep analysis is
in some sense taking the analysand consciously into deeper and deeper levels of the brain
like voluntary-hypnosis
but needing constant daily attendance
by one of the two medically-qualified doctors
whwen the summer holiday time came
had ‘inadvertently’ been booked to go away on holiday at the same time _which caused the only remaining “in-the-know and in rapport” person to be the non-medical Irene Champernowne
at whose Staff mettying was decided that “safety-first” there was a place at Dartington Hall Summer Music School which,
Person-B being a good musician already would enjoy and be safe in for the vulnerable fortnight until a proper-support doctor returned from the ‘accidentally-wrongly timeframed’ holiday.

Unfortunately –

[To be continued “in due course”]


Person-P has had to “manage-alone” –
having in 2019 being further set-back
by being being blown to the muddy roadside concrete kurb
by a gale-force gust of wind
and whilst being “self-home-hospitaised” successfully
was nevertheless not allowed NHS crutches
but was compos-mentis enouh to find that
they can be purchased without expert NHS-intervention’
via Amazon online, for about £30 for an adjustable pair.
And over the weeks they served their purpose
and been propped jup in a corner.
the injuries that had befallen this Person-P
had not “gone-away” –

so today Thursday 11th June 2020

Person-P continuing trying to self-improve by
(meaning slowly and ‘gingerly’ without crutches)
but was still
from deeply-buried childhood’s, youth’s, and military training’s
trying to
even when alone
“God’s always watching you” –

when “sub-sens-ly”
the pair of crutches came in sight –
“no harm in giving them a few minutes”
again helped Person-B to lean on them
thus relieving the discomfort from the lower-half injuries.

Person-P “discovered” that quite different kinds
of “interest” and even “fun”
can be had
and ‘non-procrastinatingly’ so
from slowing-down
even further
and substantially-timeframedly


================ (to be concluded) =================
2159 Th 11 June 2020

[*] The Procrastination Cure
by Damon Zahariades.

Going offline “sustainworthying”.