Begun: 2300 Tuesday 09 June 2020

Almost every published book has a “problem” in it –
over the book’s

From any viewpoint,
not just from our “Co-Sustainworthying” one,
a book can be said to have
“missed” or “avoided”
something thought to be “important”.

One such is Alan MacFarlane’s
How Can We Survive
which gets “stopped-in-its-tracks” from the title alone –

Who will comprise this “We” ?

surely it must include
all ~8-billion of us Humans
today populating this Earth –
some of this
quite rightful’ 7-billion+ population
would already have begun

being ‘reduced’ –
which it is not,

and in fact is
still ‘runaway’ “booming”
But Macfarlane is already pre-focused on
a much much smaller
being selected to become the
Lone Human-Race Survival Ensurers.

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