“Holistic Living” –

Begun: 1983 or 1986: and “Now -“.


We already listed
the contents
of the then new 1983 BHMA*’s
1st president’s 1986 publication
Holistic Living
and they are “as good as ‘goaled’ ” –

so it is as well to look into the 14th chapter’s focus upon
“The holistic approach – a search for meaning.” [*]

Dr Pietroni’s closing paragraph
includes this statement:

The same set of facts
will appear differently
on a different day
or if you are in a different mood.
Allowing for multiple and different levels of meaning
will ensure that you do not
facts with truth

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 1633

* BHMA = British Holistic Medical Association

[*] ‘Meaning” in the sense of ‘how to be living life’
with the sub-headings :-
(i) “The holistic approach and the spiritual path.”.
(ii) “Responsibility”
(iii) “Inter-connctednes”;
(iv) “Balance”;
(v) “Non-Attachment”;
(vi) “Grace of God – surrendering the whole”;
(vii) “Forgiveness”; {++}
(viii) “Death and dying”; [++++]
[Publisher’s note]
We need to consciously ‘mind-map’ this word ‘Meaning’
to include such synonymous concepts
Forgiveness is inherently conditional
upon the forgivee both doing more “right” and less “wrong”.
It is Unction that is un-conditional.
E. Kubler-Ross’s Five (5) Stages of Dying [*****]
that “many terminally ill people go through.
(a) Denial.
(b) Anger
(c) Bargaining.
(d) Depression
(e) Acceptance.

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