Today’s Guidance Quotation

Begun: Here, effectively
and yesterday by ‘fore-informing’.

We are focusing first
within the aforementioned BHMA
1st President’s publication
Holistic Living
by Dr Patrick Pietroni.


1 What is Holism ?

2 Stress – an imbalance between parts and the whole.

3 Understanding how to relax your body.

4 Exercise – a holistic approach.

5 Diet and nutrition – a holistic approach.

6 Understanding your mind.

7. Working with your mind.

8. Sex and sexuality.

9. Relationships.

10. Working and playing.

11. You and your environment.

12. About time.

13. How to seek help

14. The holistic approach – a search for meaning.

Organisations and associations.
Further reading.
Index. (page 226).

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