The BHMA ‘Holistic Living’

Begun: 1986.

A Leading Non-Fiction
by the BHMA’s 1st President

Holistic Living

“A Guide To Self-Care by a Leading Practitioner
Dr Patrick Pietroni.
Is a worthy
New-Co-Sustainworthying-Foundation Constitutional Guide

so I
(this present esite publisher)
has now managed to replace one at least
of the several copies
it is informedly-believed
by Plymouth City Council
when it “seized” the Dainton Storeroom
complete with
all-contents-regardless-of-their-rightful ownership
bank-money-rented by Ms Adela Miles t
[now deceased R.I.P]
and shall now be both able and willing
maybe under a covenantal-level of daily-promise
to offer a ‘quotation’ from it
to ‘share’ here online



1655 F 05062929
1700 Gone offlin co-sustainworthying again.
(Thank You)