Sustainworthying Detail:

Begun (here): 1200 Thursday 04 June 2020.


One of our
lone-sustainworthying pro-activities
is the
of our non-fiction books
and the Knowledges-, KnowHows, and Guidances they contain;
and not forgetting the
non-sustainworthying and anti-sustainworthying”
content that may be in there, too.
Just arrived here
[in “Co-Sustainworthying Co-HQ [JSDM] PL6 5LU U.K. ]
Simply Living Well
by Julia Watkins
“A Guide to Creating a Natural, Low-Waste Home”.
Now, before we even open this book
or glimpse at its outside back cover,
it is plain to see that it is
a bit ‘poshish’ !

{ No doubt ‘though,
that it has much truly 100%
good fact, knowhow and guidance in it,
nonetheless }.
(Continuing ‘anon’ )

0921 – 1923 Interimly public sharing.
[By 1927 going offline other-co-sustainworthing engagements].