Constitutional “Life” Blocks:

Begun: Effectively Plymouth UK 2001.

Instantially #1

The following is an extract of
“Social-Housing & Democratic-Participation Blockaging”
of a disabled & impaired
and yet
natural-English citizen
both the Landlord and Other Authorities
upon the mere and mistaken ‘say-so’
of a
‘(mere) low-level employee’ :-

“X” just called me
and asked if I knew of any
befriending services that you could use. 
I’ve attached a copy of a flyer
that was distributed at Crownhill about three months ago
that you may find useful. 
You are of course under no obligation to use the service.


You’re wrong again, ******. 
Colebrook is the very Company whose ***** & *****
permanently banned me,
in writing too,  from ever participating –
that was way back in 2014 –
and you personally officially confirmed that to me face to face.
{So you’re possibly even ‘triply’ wrong, aren’t you, ****** ?}


Information & Befriending Support Service 

As part of our support for the community who use the William Sutton Halls in Miles Mitchell Avenue and St Budeaux and for residents of both areas we are offering a new telephone Information and befriending support service during the current Covid 19 crisis. 

Our community advisor ******** can offer information on local organisations who can offer help with shopping, prescriptions, delivery services and much more. We can also signpost you to organisations who offer debt advice, benefits advice, help with utility bills and any other information you may need. 
We also understand that during this period of social isolation not everyone has someone to talk to or they don’t want to bother families or friends. If you would like someone to talk to or someone who calls you once a week just to put the world to rights then we are happy to hear from you so please give us a call. If you do call us we will happily call you back, so you don’t have to worry about phone bills. 
If we can assist in this or any other way, then please give … .

1007 -1013 F 05062020