“O Living Eye” …

Begun ?
Aye, begun
long before Gilbert & Sullivan “gently-foghorned” a way –
“those who have ears to hear”
(“) prithee now do tell me why …when Hope is gone …shall not a cheated maiden die (“)

One of our necessarily-anonymous founder-members

also happening to already have been
a complementary=therapist for others
shares a deep experiential ‘thought’ …

(“) … in these strange times …perhaps the civilisation is ill ”’
and (perhaps) that is a mirror in us of our imbalnce …
the hope and healing will come
because we are powerful people and beings
I believe.(“)

(“) From the negative we can find the positive!”
[“] Bless You [“]

2249 uesday 2nd June 2020.
Co-sustainworthying-offline-bedtime here –
maybe by 22 or 23 59