Evidence of Species-Insanity

Begun: 0600 T 02 June 2020

There is strong evidence of
an inherent Humankind insanity.

It appears that
“Evolution” has “missed”
the Need for the human-brain and sensorama
to have the advancing ability to distinguish
“Illusion” and “Fallacy”
“Right-Perception & Thinking”.

It is even possible
that few humans today
have that requisite brain lobe or part & function;
and that in the overwhelming majority of human beings
such a brain-part & function
either no-longer exists
never in the first place did;

and that
if the occasonally visiting
and “evolution-tweaking”
ETs are a ‘stakeholder’
they may nonetheless
– by Mistake –

be the
rather than the ‘witting’
‘originators –

‘of such a Life-Disaster.

0645 Tuesday 02 June 2020 ——->0657.