“Prerogatively -“

Begun: Long Pre-“Now”* ?
*Now – 0400 Monday 01 June 2020.



Within “our” Human-Intercommunication ranges
there needs to prevail more than one essential “language” –

e.g. some people depend upon
the Deaf-&-Dumb Hand-Signing language ;
some upon “pre=GCSE-level English;
a few upon relatively very slow “morse-code-ing”.

a Human-Race-Extincting Emergency Situation
befalls the awareness of
just one person in the world
who happens to be one such
“slower-essential-intercommunicating-person” –

how is the “Language-Prerogative” settled ?
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0433 0437 Monday 01 June 2020.
1st interim public-sharing now at 0439