Begun Saturday 30 05 2020

A further sustainworthying factor,

for us committed
to know ‘enough’ about

and that was already
“lying-‘security-wise’ hidden”


the 5000-years-old
but now
World-Militant Humankind Civilisation’s
many historical events
mostly ‘good’, but a few definitely ‘bad’.

and this factor has always been
‘present’ and ‘hidden’
but is one of the Life-Web’s

some descriptive-words for which are now quite well-known
“The ‘grape-vine’ “
“The little dicky-bird that told me”
“My sixth-sense”
“The power of the prayer-network”.
Kinship With All Life by Daniel Boone.
King Solommon’s Ring
(a non-fiction bio-science book
within which an experience of the ethnologist
Conrad Lorenz
with a friend’s parrot
is given.) [*]

[*] Lorenz frequently visited a neighbouring friend
who lived in a large country house
with the kitchen along several corridors
and next to the back door,
whilst just inside the front door he kept
a roomily-caged parrot.
the two friends soon recognised that
every time Conrad was leaving to go home
he would pause at the front door and call back
“auf wiedersehen, Dietrich””
and the parrot would loudly exclaim
“auf wiedersehen” too..
Now, the two friends were both bio-ethnologists
and knowing a good deal about
the keener senses than mankind
of many other non-human lifeforms on Earth
they wondered about parrots’ “sensorama”.
One evening,
out of hearing distance in the distant back kitchen,
they hatched a little ‘plot’
to test
this bird.
Conrad would put on his overcoat and hat
and go to the front door as usual,
not intending to actually go home,
but simply pretend
even as far as calling out “auf wiedersehen, Dietrich”
and acually going out and closing the door behind him;
but ‘secretly’ fully intending to return after a minue or two –
for another cup of coffee with Dietrich.

Sobeit, and at the front door he called out
“auf wiedersehen, Dietrich”
and began opening the front door to go out _

but paused
because there had been no exclamation from the parrot,
and called out again “Auf wiedersehen, Dietrich” –
but again the parrot watched keen-eyed, but ‘said’ nothing.
So Conrad continud the plan, closed the door behind him,
and walked away boots crunching on ground.
After a couple of minutes he returned,
opened the door and entered.
calling out “Forgot my gloves, Dietrich”.
(The parrot as usual this time saying nothing.)
Back in the soundproof kitchen,
they agreed to give it another go,
this time wearing his gloves too,
and to actually open the door before calling out
“Auf wiedersehen, Dietrich” –
and pausing a little
to give the parrot time to say ‘his’ “auf wiedersehen”.

At the front door, holding it slightly open
(as he sometimes did anyway)
Conrad called out “Auf wiedersehen, Dietrich”
and paused
but no sound did that parrot make.
That was that, then.
Conrad called back “Auf wiedersehen”
and as secretly agreed that could now truly leave and go home –
but before he could close the door behind him
the parrot loudly called out
Auf wiedersehen“.

In-Progress – interim public-sharing