Begun: Early-Morning Quartile of Th 280520.

Particularly pay attention to our

it is those that include the
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0741 Thursday 28 May 2020 In-Progress –
1st interim-public-gallery-informing.
Under offllne editing: “Wholistic Living – non-fiction Guidance publication(s) [*].
By 0759 Offlining for Other Co-Sustainworthying ‘Jobs’.

[*] We already had an original copy of
the first publication of the
British Holistic Medical Society
by its founding President Dr Patrick Pietroni :
Holistic Living –

but it was

without notice
wrongly governmentally
by the Plymouth City Council

along with many other
intrinsicly-valuable-co-sustainworthying items

actually ‘patrioticly’ belonging to Mr JSD Miles
“In Trust”
for the Intended

“Self-&=Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying,
Individual Human Movement Co-Improving
Wholesome Health, Wellness & Wellbeing
Co-Building & Co-Maintainng”
UK-based Worldwide-Peacefully Radical Reformation Movement.

The whereabouts of and usage of which
“Co-Sustainworthying Essentials”
has still not been notified to their rightful owner,
0801 Th 28052020.